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Painted Acrylic

One of my core values is reducing waste.  By providing sign rentals, I am able to reuse my easels, stands and boards to best fit each client's needs.   I use high quality materials and best practices to ensure my signs travel safely and return to me ready for their next event.  Painted acrylic, although beautiful and versatile, is not very durable, and defeats this purpose.

Starting in 2023, I am offering these custom colored signs as purchase only.  Their prices will reflect a purchase price, meaning they do not need to be returned.  

In addition, I would like to offer a complimentary keepsake lettering service.  After your event, if you would like me to adjust the wording so you can use it as a forever sign.  Just return it to me with your request and we will make it happen.  For example: your Unplugged wedding sign could be converted to say "The Smiths".

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