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Thank you for being here

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Hi, I'm Courtney Banceu. 


A few years back, I was helping plan an elaborate birthday party.  I made a few chalkboards to help decorate and instantly fell in love with the process.  I enjoyed doing it so much, I started looking for excuses to make more signs.  Signs turned into gifts, which turned into referrals and pretty soon I was ready to start pushing my hobby into something more. 


I live in my favorite place with my favorite people; my four boys and husband George.  When not working on pretty things, you will probably find me at one of my kids' activities, volunteering at their school, working on our house or watching a sappy movie.  I love clean and romantic design and am a sucker for pretty paper.  Oh and lavender.  And all fragrant flowers.  And plaid, I love plaid.


I am a Pacific Northwest Native who would like to convert everyone into a PNW fan.

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